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Wind Harvester for Generating Energy




A proposed wind harvester system for Generating Energy comprises energy generating and saving system with ventilation feature (wind turbines, air vent, solar PV panels, rain harvest system and daylight harvest system). The hybrid wind harvester with ventilation feature comprises a plurality of wind turbines on a building . The wind harvester further comprises an upper wall duct on the wind turbine , said upper wall duct inclined at an angle 19.5 degrees from horizontal axis, and adapted to reduce cross section of wind that reaches the wind turbine. The upper wall duct is an elongated ‘V’ shaped panel. The wind turbine is vertical axis wind turbine and the wind turbine axis is horizontal on the ridge of roof

. A solar panel is provided on top of the upper wall duct and pitched roof . An air vent is provided below the wind turbine and adapted to ventilate air from the building. Rain water passages and storage compartments are provided where rain water flows from the upper wall duct and gutter towards the rain water passage and storage compartment. A transparent panel is adapted on the pitched roof and below the upper wall duct.

The advantages:

  •  A wind harvester system was designed for urban and rural residential application. The design can minimize the electricity consumption of the house and reduce greenhouse gas emissions effectively. 
  • It can be integrated into existing buildings with minimal negative visual impact.
  • Integrating with rain water harvester, day light harvesting and roof ventilation system.
  • This wind harvester is able to take advantage of winds at low speed.

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Last Updated: 29/04/2019