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Visual Auditory Simulation Technique (VASTech)



This product is to assist the normal (3 - 6 years chronological) and special (7 - 12 years chronological) children in fostering their attention so as to promote on-task behavior during the process of learning through the development of courseware using visual auditory simulation technique that systematically fosters attention of users.

  • Multimedia software that comprehensively blends multisensory in simulated contexts to form goal-directed tasks.
  • Each module consists of 5 tasks. The duration for each task was set in an incremental basis, i.e. in Module 1, Task 1 will last for 1 minute, Task 2 will last for 2 minutes, etc. 
  • The user will be presented to the next game when the user’s attention level reached the threshold value. 
  • Gradual and systematic timing to train long-lasting attention. 

The advantages:

  • Long lasting attention 
  • Incremental approach 
  • Mental engagement 
  • Reduction of misbehaviour 
  • On-task behaviour 
  • Goal-directedness
  • Self-discipline

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Last Updated: 29/04/2019