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About UM DeepTech (UMDT)

University of Malaya Deep Tech (UMDT) Accelerator Programme is another effort by UM to commercialize and bring UM technology to market. This route of commercialization is via the Researcher's startup. UM supports Researcher's effort in building their startups.

UM has recognized that University spin-offs and startups lead to many benefits. University startups will not only lead to commercialization. It will also create deeper linkages within the Quadruple Helix. Successful university startups have created linkages at many levels with the Industry, Community, Other Academia and Government.

UM wants to give the right support to the researcher's effort. The intention is for UMDT Accelerator Programme to assist UM startups on better footing as they enter the market. To be clear, it is not our intention to mold UM's Researchers into entrepreneurs. A team is a must in joining UMDT Accelerator Programme. The team should consist of at least 1 UM Researcher and a business co-founder.

UMDT Accelerator Programme is an Ideation Stage Market Validation programme. It is set up to validate commercially UM Researched products. At the same time to nurture the researcher's group and the idea to enter to the right market. It is a structured and guided incubation programme to minimize failure for a startup.

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