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Tiger Milk Mushroom for Asthma sufferers


Problem Statement

Reduce Asthma Attacks with Potent Tiger Milk Mushroom as supplement

For many asthma attacks unpredictable and often. Many occasions can lead to death of patients. Hard to keep track of trigger of asthma many factors involve. The end is inflammations of the lungs airways makes it hard for us to breath.

Solution Statement

Selected Potent Tiger Milk Mushrooms to reduce inflammation as supplements for Asthma sufferers

It has been known that Tiger Milk Mushrooms have very good medicinal properties. The history of usage for tiger milk mushroom dated back to almost 400 years ago.

However the right active ingredients of Tiger Milk Mushrooms and the right level of active ingredients is important. Even when there were samples collected from the wild, the supply and quality were inconsistent. Carefully cultivated and selected potent Tiger Milk Mushrooms are the key in providing the right long term treatment for asthma sufferers.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fung Shin Yee
Department of Molecular Medicine,
Faculty of Medicine, UM

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Area of Expertise:

  • Protein, Enzymology, Immunochemistry
  • Proteins (Toxinology Of Snake Venoms)
  • Traditional Medicine And Natural Products (Medicinal Mushroom)
  • Enzymology (Enzymes And Proteins In Natural Products)
  • Biomedical Studies Of Medicinal Mushrooms
  • Proteins (Bioactive Proteins In Natural Products)
  • Traditional Medicine And Natural Products (Biomedical Studies Of Traditional Medicine And Natural Products (medicinal Mushroom))
  • Traditional Medicine And Natural Products (Safety Assessment Of Medicinal Mushrooms)
  • Traditional Medicine And Natural Products (Bioactive Components From Medicinal Mushrooms For Drugs Discovery)

Last Updated: 26/03/2020