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The device consists of 6 basic needs buttons, output voice messages such as eat, and drink, toilet, thank you, yes and no. It costs less than RM400, can be operated with minimum technical and reading skills and is portable. Additional features for this device included the option for any 3 languages, optional recordings of user’s family voice as the voice messages and a built in alarm for urgent use. The circuit of the device was tested to prevent over current, burn and reduce power consumption. Li-Polymer battery is found to be the most suitable battery to operate the device as it has very long battery life.

The advantages:

The prototype is well suited for locals as it has the ability to record messages in multi-languages and dialects. The device is also considered unique for its alarm button, Yes and No button and low cost feature. Further improvements can be carried to commercialize the prototype into a marketable device that meets the medical device safety requirements and standard.

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Last Updated: 29/04/2019