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  1. The main entrance door of UMX will be closed after 5:30pm. Actions will be taken against any individual who purposely leaves the door open after the said time.

  2. Meeting rooms, discussion room and Makerspace will be locked at all time. Any tenant wishing to use the meeting rooms and discussion room shall contact UMCIC management to check on the space availability and make booking at least 2 hours before use. For Makerspace, please refer to booking Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) from UMCIC website. Upon availability, the tenant is required to download the Space & Facilities Booking Form and Letter of Liability from UMCIC website, fill up and submit the documents to UMCIC management. Each usage need to be recorded in the log sheet provided.

  3. Usage of meeting rooms, discussion room and Makerspace is limited up to 5:30 pm only. Usage beyond 5:30pm will be considered only if there is a written application/ request made to UMCIC Management. 

  4. Tenants are required to wear decent attire at all time in UMX building.

  5. Tenants are not allowed to hang/paste any poster/ flyer/ advertisement on the wall. The said materials need to be first approved by UMX management and will be placed on the official /UMX bulletin board by UMCIC management. 

  UMXcelerate Management.

  University of Malaya Centre for Innovation and Commercialization (UMCIC)

  University of Malaya

Last Updated: 22/01/2020