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Portable Wudu Station



 Wudu’ ergonomic station, familiar known as Succi Wudu’ is the latest innovation portable wudu station that produced by University Malaya’s researchers. Succi Wudu’ is design with a specific feature to facilitate the process of wudu’ ritual to be easier. 
Succi Wudu’ is suitable for:
i.    Individual 
with disabilities and elderly
ii.    Difficult/
body movement. 
iii.    During stroke recovery duration.

Allows user to perform wudu’ in comfortable manner and confident. The ergonomic design allows user to perform wudu’ smoothly especially for the hands and legs part which is the difficult area to perform wudu’ previously. 

The advantages:

•    Manufactured by a certified factory in quality ISO9001 and AS9100
•    The portable station, lightweight and safety wheels that allows replacement easily
•    Ergonomic design, users can customize their favorite color 
•    Flexible foot shower 

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Last Updated: 29/04/2019