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Inspirational Talk Organized By IEEE-EMBS Malaysia Chapter And Supported By UMCIC, CIME And MSMBE

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Inspirational Talk Organized By

Ieee-Embs Malaysia Chapter And Supported By Umcic, Cime And Msmbe

12th August 2020 (Tuesday)

Level 5, Research and Innovation Management Complex (RMIC), UM


IEEE EMBS Free Webinar is a designed inspirational talk which is aimed at sharing experiences and discussing on biomedical engineering research works in line with the current pandemic Covid-19. UMCIC is honoured to be a supporter of this program which is also aimed at sharing experiences and successes of UM Biomedical Engineering. It is hoped that this webinar would also motivate researchers around the world to strive for excellence in research and innovation that will be of value to commercialization that meet the market needs. This event is an opportunity for UMCIC to develop networking with participants from various other universities who are inspired to become excellent researchers and potentially entrepreneurs. In this talk, three speakers were invited to share their research and successes. They are from University of Malaya (Malaysia), Qatar University (Qatar) and University of Melbourne (Australia).


Name of Speakers




Assoc. Prof. Uvais Qidwai

Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Qatar University

Modeling the Epidemic: Some Lessons Learned during Covid-19 Pandemic


Prof. David Grayden

Department of Biomedical Engineering, The University of Melbourne, Australia

Personalized Epileptic Seizure Forecasting


Prof. Ir. Dr. Fatimah Ibrahim

Department of Biomedical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Malaya

UM Centre of Innovation and Commercialization (UMCIC), University of Malaya

Biomedical Engineering innovations to protect frontliners and commercialization opportunities during Covid era

Briefly, Covid-19 has exposed the current medical system’s weak protection for medical personnel from respiratory viruses as thousands of nurses and doctors have perished due to the disease globally. Hence, it is imperative to create innovations to protect health workers from this virus. It is also equally important to make their protective equipment (PPE) comfortable and low cost for long term use so that they can focus on their job of treating patients comfortably. On behalf of the University of Malaya, Prof. Ir. Dr. Fatimah Ibrahim has highlighted the Biomedical Engineering innovations from the Centre for Innovation in Medical Engineering (CIME), University of Malaya to protect doctors and nurses during Covid-19 intubation process and low- cost lightweight respirator suits for healthcare workers. University Malaya Centre of Innovation and Commercialization (UMCIC), promotes and educates interested parties in seizing the opportunity to start a business especially during the pandemic.

There are about 58 participants registered in Zoom.

In summary, the event went well and has inspired participants especially on biomedical engineering potential business perspectives. The speakers also used this event to create awareness about Covid-19 pandemic especially on best practices that can be carried out by people to prevent Covid-19 infection. To date, all participants have expressed their satisfaction of the programme and are interested to join the next UMCIC next webinar series.

Last Updated: 29/09/2020