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Nanohydroxyapatite Coated Gutta-Percha For Root Canal




The technology relates to the deposition of nanohydroxyapatite and tricalcium phosphate coating onto gutta-percha cones, to be used as a dental composite for root canal filling. 

Coating of gutta-percha with a material similar to the components of dentin could expand its uses to most types of sealers as well as enhance the bonding to the root dentin.

The coating involves the surface pretreatment of gutta-percha cones with sodium hydroxide and immersion of gutta-percha cones in a simulated body fluid, which contains calcium and phosphate ions. This process results in the biomimetic deposition of a thin and uniform layer coating of calcium phosphates and hydroxyapatite. 

This coating gives improved characteristics such as sealing ability, bonding strength, and ability to form hermetic seal, therefore allows the dental composite produced, to be used appropriately as filling matter in root canal treatments.

The advantages:

By using this coated gutta-percha (gp), dentist is able to use any types of sealers, for example, resin-based, calcium-hyroxide based, glass-ionomer based as it has the same component of materials as dentine. Currently commercially available coated gp require to be used with the sealer produced by the same manufacturer.

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Last Updated: 30/04/2019