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Microtube And The Method of Producing Thereof


Artificial artery reduces the use of live animal models such as rat during microsurgical anastomosis training. Vascular anastomosis is a surgical connection of walls of vessels (vein and artery) in which the connection is created between tubular structures in blood vessels. Basically, both vessels consist of two main layers which are named as adventitia (outer layer) and muscle wall (inner layer), which is better developed in the artery.

The advantages:

  • Live animals usage to repair arteries and veins for microsurgery course
  • The size of actual vessels is varied depending on animals' size and weight. (suturing feeling may not consistent)

  • Actual arteries and veins cannot be stored for long periods as it may degrade or become hardened/texture may not be similar to human hand vessels.

  • Cleanliness and bacteria and parasite free.

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