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Method and Apparatus for Profiling Proteins


Our method consists of collecting numerous “fingerprinting” electronic signals from protein molecules. This electronic analysis technique measures numerous solid state electronic parameters thereby quantifying the identification process that may be comparable to conventional protein characterization techniques (Periasamy et al., 2015(b); Periasamy et al., 2016). Just like our eDNAnalyzer, this technology is based on a Schottky diode. Electronic process occurring through protein-metal junction is similar to that observed across a metal-semiconductive junction or Schottky junction, studied and reported broadly in literature. This aspect of protein's semiconductive behaviour within a metal-Schottky junction and its characteristic I-V profile in complement with a metal contact can be applied as the basis for protein detection and identification.

The advantages:

Accuracy, simplicity, cost-effectiveness and portability are major competitive advantages of our profiling method. In addition, any protein can be characterized using this method within a FEW MINUTES without additional preparations or laboratory equipment.

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