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Long-Range Surface Plasmon-Polariton Biosensor


The rapid sensing technology is based around the interaction between long-range surface plasmon polaritons (LRSPPs) with a functionalised sensor surface. LRSPPs are optical surface waves propagating along a thin metal stripe. “Long-range” is taken to mean that the light can propagate over a longer distance than that of the single-interface SPP which enables a better overall sensitivity due to increased optical interaction length. The term “functionalised” in this case represents the chemical dynamics that take place when a virus is captured by the antibodies specific to the said virus. Such dynamics would cause certain changes to the intensity of the light that propagates through the structure.

The advantages:

  • Real-time measurement
  • Label-free optical sensing
  • Simultaneous detection of a plurality of biomolecules
  • Requires very low working volumes (<10μl)
  • Immunity to electromagnetic interference

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