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KRiSPi Chatbot



This chatbot technology is based on our proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine known as KRISPI. KRISPI is an abbreviation for Knowledge Driven Syntactice Parsing Intelligence. It incorporates a one-step-cycle learning functionality that allows new knowledge to be integrated with the existing chatbot's -knowledge-based instantly. 
It is also able to scale with the amount of knowledge being dealt with (i.e. it has no problem handling a large amount of knowledge and providing the right answer). This is because the technology behind it is able to correctly partition and segregate the boundaries lying between different types of facts and information.

The advantages:

Mainly, the chatbot helps most industries that are customer centered, to be able to automate customers inquiries more efficiently. It also improves on the overall SOP in delivering information to the customers as the information is now more regulated and standardized as opposed to using a human operator that is rather unpredictable when dealing with the customers.

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Last Updated: 29/04/2019