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Green Solvents (Deep Eutectic Solvents) For Multiple Applications


1. As Functionalizing Agents

For Carbon Nanomaterials

  • Enhanced structural characteristic i.e surface area and pore volume
  • Can be utilized in gas adsorption, wastewater heavy metal removal, bio/chemical sensor, immobilization of protein and DNA, composite materials, nano-emulsions, and electronic devices

For Activated Carbon

  • Enhance and develop the surface of AC for numerous applications. 
  • Can be utilized in gas adsorption, wastewater heavy metal removal, chemical/electrochemical electrodes and sensor, composite materials, electronic devices.

2. Esterification of High Free Fatty Acids

  • Use as a catalyst to produce biodiesel from low-grade crude palm oil
  • The produced biodiesel meets the international standards specifications for biodiesel fuel (EN 14214 and ASTM D6751).

3. Utilizing Phosphonium-Based DES in Meta-Air Battery 

  • Replace the conventional solvents used in air-battery.
  • High-energy, high capacity battery for mobile electronic equipment, in both commercial and military application.

Metal-air battery

  • Capable of replacing the normal aqueous electrolyte to phosphonium-based DES.

The advantages: 

  • Have long-life span
  • Not affected by the environmental humidity
  • Not affected by exposure to carbon dioxide

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