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eDNAnalyzer: The Gate to Digital Pathology




The novelty of this technology comes from the electronic nature of it. Looking at biomaterials and living organisms from an electronic point of view is a very interesting research subject which has never been put into practice. Our electronic method involves direct measurements of electronic fingerprinting signals from the biological materials which are very characteristic to the type of each molecule. Using the idea of semiconductivity of biomolecules (mostly patented by this research group), we have developed a novel solid state sensor (for the first time) which can receive electronic signals arising from bioplymers and cells and convert them into quantitative solid state parameters. These numbers then are translated into more informative graphs that can help categorize the samples based on their biological origin. 

The advantages:

Accuracy, simplicity, cost-effectiveness and portability are major competitive advantages of this prototype. In addition, this is the very first all-in-one electronic biosensor that can analyze all three major biomolecules (DNA, RNA, Proteins) as well as cells WITHIN A FEW MINUTES. 

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