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Don't take it for granted that only full abled person only need to take Wudu'


Problem Statement

The current wudu' facilities be it in our toilets or at prayer room and mosque are not conducive for disabled, less mobile and elderly individuals.

We always assume those who want to take wudu' are non-disabled and young to middle age person. What consideration have we taken for disabled and the elderly folks? Have we thought of their need and condition?

The current wudu' place condition:

  1. Needs lots of body movement to perform wudu'

  2. Needs considerable distance of walking to perform wudu' from resting area like the bed

Solution Statement

Portable Wudu' Station to cater for the disabled and less mobile individuals.

We present UM Mobile Wudu' Station. This product has been researched for many years and been utilized by several mosque. Several units have been tested and used at  Masjid Ar Rahman KL, Masjid Abu Bakar Bangsar and PLPP Bangi (Pusat latihan dan Kemahiran OKU).

Allows user to perform wudu’ in comfortable manner and confident. The ergonomic design allows user to perform wudu’ smoothly and confidently especially for the hands and legs part which is the difficult area to perform wudu’ previously.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Siti Zawiah Binti Md Dawal
Department of Mechanical Engineering,
Faculty of Engineering, UM

URL CV UM Experts:

Academic Qualification:


Area of Expertise:

  • Work Design (job design, job satisfaction, manual assembly, automotive industries)
  • Ergonomic Aspects (work design, job satisfaction model, automotive assembly)
  • Flexible Manufacturing Systems (layout, scheduling, loading and uploading)
  • Transport Ergonomics (comfort model, design, cabin, transport )

Last Updated: 26/03/2020