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Composition to treat infections caused by Acanthamoeba and method to produce thereof


A method for producing a composition for treating infections caused by Acanthamoeba. The method comprises the step of soaking leaves of Leea indica in liquid nitrogen and further crushing the soaked leaves of Leea indica into small pieces. Then the method includes a step of soaking the crushed leaves of Leea indica in a predefined amount of solution. The solution composed of 70% ethanol and 30% purified water. The method includes the step of filtering the soaked crushed leaves of Leea indica from the predefined amount of solution to extract the filtered leaves of Leea indica through a filter paper. The soaked crushed leaves of Leea indica is concentrated under a first predefined pressure at a 55°C temperature to yield a concentrated crude ethanolic extract. The method then includes the step of concentrated crude ethanol extract further extracting using hexane to yield a hexane-soluble fraction and a hexane insoluble residue. The method includes the step of partitioning the hexane-insoluble residue with ethyl acetate to provide an ethyl acetate-soluble fraction and an ethyl acetate-insoluble residue. The method includes the step of filtering the ethyl acetate-soluble portion through a predefined amount of magnesium sulphate and partitioning the ethyl acetate-insoluble residue with butan-1-ol to provide a butanol-soluble fraction and a water layer fraction. The method includes the step of concentrating the hexane-soluble fraction, the ethyl acetate-soluble fraction, the butanol-soluble fraction, and the water layer fractions under a second predefined pressure at 55°C to yield a concentrated fractionated hexane fraction, ethyl acetate fraction, butanol fraction and water layer fraction respectively. 

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