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Cloning, Overexpression & Purification of A Recombinant Lectin of A Tiger Milk Mushroom Lignosus Rhinocerus


High-and medium molecular-weight fractions from Lignosus rhinocerus demonstrated anticancer activities against breast and lung cancer cell lines (Yap, et al., 2015). Only the medium molecular weight fraction demonstrates selectivity and targets cancer cells and not normal breast cells. The fraction was found to contain a huge composition of lectins and serine proteases.

The native lectins were difficult to separate, insufficient in quantity for further assessment. Recombinant technology was applied to clone, overexpress and purify the most abundant lectin from the mushroom.

The advantages:

  • Overcoming difficulties in separating the respective native lectins from the mushroom sclerotia into individual entities leading to insufficient native lectins for further assessment
  • This technique is a mean for scaling up is desirable for further assessment, production and pharmaceutical possibilities

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