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Cladding Inscribed Grating For Corrosion Monitoring


Steel reinforced concrete structures are among the popular composition used for high rise building and civil structures. However, they are vulnerable to the attack of corrosion, which is one of the major factors that leads to instability and deformation in the concrete structure. The steel rebars and cages are generally embedded inside the concrete, making them inaccessible and difficult for inspection of corrosion and structural integrity. Therefore, there is a need to provide a sensor for those critical inspections. Cladding inscribed grating can be used as a fibre sensor for monitoring the corrosion level of a iron /steel bar embedded in the concrete.

The advantages:

  • It is a compact fibre optics sensor sensitive
  • Good mechanical strength (Similar to pristine optical fibre)
  • Simple installation to reinforced rebar structures during concrete casting

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Last Updated: 14/08/2019