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Blast Resistant Lightweight Concrete


A blast wall assembly is an integrated system that effectively absorbs blast energy. Unlike conventional systems, the components of the blast wall assembly function in a manner similar to highway “crumple zones” by absorbing the energy generated by the sudden impact of a blast wave on the exterior surface of the blast wall. Although the blast wall assembly may incur repairable damage, the blast wall assembly absorbs a substantial portion of the blast energy rather than imploding into the interior space of the structure. Thus, the blast wall assembly greatly enhances the safety of the building structure and the occupants of the building structure. 

This invention is related to a method of producing blast resistant reinforced lightweight concrete using oil palm shell as coarse aggregate. The method of producing blast resistant reinforces lightweight concrete using oil palm shell comprising the stepsof:

(a) replacing the inventional crushed granite coarse aggregate by OPS; and

(b) using OPSC in the reinforced concrete and 10% of silica as cementitious material. 

The significance of the OPSC when subjected to blast load is the energy absorbing capability of OPS. It has shown excellent energy absorbing capacity compared to conventional crushed granite aggregate for similar blast load. The concrete could be used for protecting structures against impact/ blast and gas explosion. In addition, the use of waste material to produce blast resistant OPSC concrete slab gains the environmental advantage and cost efficiency 

The advantages:

  • Oil Palm Shell is natural coarse aggregates from palm oil industry which have 4–5 times higher aggregate impact resistance.
  • Replacement of aggregates by waste materials like OPS
    solution to deteriorating natural resources caused by using granite aggregate
    Resistance to blast waves
  • Energy-absorbing material which also be of lower cost than conventional fibrous material
  • Desirable

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