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Automated Methadone Dispensing Machine


The automated methadone dispenser in predetermined prescription comprising: a housing; at least one dispensing portion integrally formed with the housing and is adapted for automated and controlled dispense of  methadone; a storage disposed within housing adapted for containing the methadone to be dispensed; a user recognition in communication with the processor and the storage; and a processor configured for receiving and processing data associated to  a patient; configuration include identity detection and retrieval of the patient and the predetermined medical prescription for the identified patient. With this secured feature, the misuse of medication or drugs can be significantly reduced. 

The advantages:

  • Generate impact on significant reduction on the government expenditure on dealing with drug abusers by the implementation of an efficient treatment system.
  • Drug abusers would have a better life when their addiction are in control 
  • Could contribute to the country development

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