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The Business Development & Commercialization Unit is created to accelerate the commercialization process of UM’s innovation through various activities like technology matching, engagement with industries, marketing platform such as awareness programmes, participation in available local and international exhibition, e-marketing in product selling and also providing training and clinic related to Intellectual Property, Commercialization, Marketing and Self Development to UM Community.

Coordinator: Dr. Lee Ching Shya

Technology Transfer and Commercialization Unit 

Promoting and facilitating the commercialization of IP generated from UM R&D and engaging UM with prospective industry.

  • Technology business matching activities.
  • IP commercialization.
  • Commercialization support services.
  • Business development.
  • Public-private partnerships.
  • Industry engagement activities.

Email: umcic_bdc@um.edu.my

Last Updated: 24/04/2019