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A System for Connecting Beams & Columns in Precast Concrete Structures


Precast reinforced concrete system is one of the Industrialized Building Systems (IBS), which allow for various building components to be prefabricated prior to the construction. This allows structures to be rapidly constructed compared to the conventional construction methods using reinforced concrete structures. It is vital that the components to be used in this system is easily prefabricated and require simple assembly process to ensure shorter duration for construction completion, thereby saving cost. This is possible by minimising cast-in-place concrete volume and excluding pre-stressing, welding and formwork requirements. The precast frame system using the proposed hybrid connection system has sufficient strength to withstand structural and seismic loads. Accordingly, it offers an improvement for connection strength to be at least similar to the performance of the conventional monolithic connection system.

The advantages:

  • Enhanced the capacity of the joint system to resist moments and shear between the precast frame members.
  • Economical, easy and fast to fabricate and assemble, especially the steel components of the beam-to-column connection. 
  • The new connection system can be used for all type joints in a building. 
  • Possible to replace the damaged beams easily dismantle the connection elements within the joints 
  • Can be used in steel and composite construction

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