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3D Head Models For Image Guided Surgery


Accuracy is an important characteristic among these models to allow for realistic training simulation, escpecially so in the field of neurosurgery where the precise placement and accurrate location of a target is imperative. Accuracy is vital given that image guidance is used extensively in neurosurgical procedures. Initial studies to assess 3D printed model accuracy have been focused on cross referencing various anatomical landmarks with imaging studies as demonstrated on the IGS system.

Our new method demonstrates and quantifies the presence and the causes of spatial accuracy errors in 3D printed models of the head. This method can be used in any new model to ensure its accuracy. Our method incorporated artificial markers inside the brain area of the 3D printed models. These markers are then printed using pile structures to ensure their placements. Using intra-operative CT scanners and surgical navigation, these methods identifies the accuracy of the printed model.

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