UMCIC Open Day

UMCIC Open Day is one of the programme under UMCIC that developed as to expose and share a useful information regarding the matters of management and procedure to file an Intellectual Property (IP), types of commercial and funding opportunity that offered by UM with the partners and also the input about the opportunity of collaboration between UM with the industries itself while improving the percentage of collaboration between academia with industry. Other than that, this program also aimed the goal as to provide an information about the facilities that can be provided by the incubator where it can fully utilized and supported the other partner businesses. Furthermore, sharing the useful knowledge about the Business Pods or Startups in context of procedures and strategies. This program also has targeted all the potential people that interested and seeking for some advices or deeper knowledge in those matters, such as researchers and UM’s staffs and also the industries people out there.

The UMCIC Open Day has executed as smoothly and successfully on 25th January 2018 from 2.30PM until 4.30PM at UMCIC, Level 5, Research Management & Innovation Complex (RMIC). The programme has provided about four clinics interest in parameters of Intellectual Property (IP), Commercialization & Funding Opportunity, Industry Partnerships Opportunity, Incubator Facilities, Business Pods/Startups.

To date, the programme was attended by 25 participants. 6 representatives which from Faculty of Medical, 1 representative from Faculty of Education, 11 representatives from Faculty of Science, 2 representatives from Cluster, 1 representative from Academy of Islamic Studies, 1 representative from Faculty of Built Environment, 3 representatives from Post-Graduate Institute.

The objectives of the programme are to expose to the researchers, UM’s staffs and the industries people about the aspects of management of Intellectual Property (IP) and also the commercialization & funding opportunity which can be offered by UM to the other partners. Other than that, sharing the information regarding the industry partnerships opportunity which can be done between UM with the industry itself. This programme were also aimed as to share the information about the facilities that can be provided by the incubator as to support the other party’s businesses and also the procedure and strategies for those whom are interested to join a Business Pods/Startups.

As nowadays, most of the industries out there tend to strive and give the best as to compete in the market by protecting their intellectual property (IP) while enhancing and improving their strategies as to lock up their position in the market. Other than that, the collaboration between academia and industries were getting trending as one incentive as to boost up the company performance itself. In addition, most of newcomers’ entrepreneurship tend to have a funding problem as to run a business. Hence, this program is very compatible as to cope with all of these current issues and also is good to be done continuously.

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