System For Providing Adaptive Guidance Using A Bayesian Network

1. Technology Overview

The present invention relates to, according to one aspect, a system for providing adaptive guidance. More particularly, the present invention is for providing adaptive guidance using a Bayesian network for teaching computer programming; the system comprises a user interface component a storage unit, a Bayesian processing unit and a guidance component. The storage unit further comprises a content generating element. The guidance component further comprises a prerequisite element and an engagement element. Such an invention is significant in order to provide not only a platform for students to learn from, but also to provide an engaging yet adaptive learning experience for them to truly benefit from the lessons received.

  • UMCIC File Number: 603/989
  • Patent: PI 2016 002084
  • Patent status: Pending
  • Malaysia patent: System For Providing Adaptive Guidance Using A Bayesian Network
  • This technology is currently available for licensing and commercialisation.

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