System and Method for Authenticating Religious Content Using a Removable Data Transfer Device

1. Technology Overview

The present invention relates to, according to one aspect, a method for authenticating religious content using an authentication system residing in a removable data transfer device , the method comprises the steps of inputting religious content into the system using an input component; portioning the inputted religious content into separate characters using a portioning element of a content processing component; encoding each of the characters using a content processing element  of the content processing component ; identifying a leaf node using the first character of the processed content using an identifying element (a0l) of a content authenticating component ; and authenticating the inputted religious content with respect to proper authenticated content based on the identified leaf node using a matching element  of the content authenticating component; and according to another aspect, an authentication system  residing in a data transfer device  which comprises a storage unit , an input component, a content processing component and a content authenticating component. The content processing component further comprises a portioning element and a content processing element. The content authenticating component further comprising an identifying element and a matching element (. Such an invention is significant to efforts to curb issues related to misinterpretation of religious books, scriptures and texts, especially prevalent among the online community nowadays. Moreover, there is also a need for an invention that is scalable and adaptable to the needs of any practitioner of any possible religion.

  • UMCIC File Number: 603/1171
  • Patent: PI 2016 002218
  • Patent status: Pending
  • Malaysia patent: System and Method for Authenticating Religious Content Using a Removable Data Transfer Device
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