Probe System For Bubble Dynamics In Mixing Vessel

1. Technology Overview

The present invention relates to an improved system for probing bubble dynamics in mixing vessel made of transparent material. the system preferably comprises an optical recording means fixed by a bracket in the mixing vessel at a region at a depth substantially above an impeller of the mixing vessel configured for recording a still image and a video of subject bubbles therein; and a strobe light source having an adjustable flashing frequency remotely positioned outside of the mixing vessel relative to the optical recording means configured for emitting a flash light of a predefined flashing frequency towards the region in the mixing vessel through a light converging medium.

  • UMCIC File Number: 603/1115
  • Patent: UI 2016 704630
  • Patent status: Pending
  • Malaysia patent: Probe System For Bubble Dynamics In Mixing Vessel
  • This technology is currently available for licensing and commercialisation.