An Optical Disc-Based System for Detecting Pathogen in a Blood Sample via Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR)

1. Technology Overview

The rampant spread of dengue fever in tropical regions calls for a fast and accurate dengue virus detection system. Conventional detection methods are rendered inefficient either because it lacks specificity or requires too much time. These medical diagnostics often involve many time consuming steps suchas separating, bonding, mixing between antigens, antibodies and solutions.As such, it is imperative to handle these assays with extra caution or attention as not to make anyerrors. Moreover, even the incubation time for each step of the assays could be fairly long andcould therefore be repetitious and tedious to even the most patient technicians or research assistants in the laboratories.This present invention is a perfect candidate to solve problems faced by current detection methods as it offers minimal errors, high accuracy, short detection time and comes with a much lower cost as compared to current detection methods. The invention uses a state of the art detection method to detect the presence of pathogen in blood via Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR).


2. Technology Features and Specifications
  • High specificity and accuracy
    • Optical disc with plurality of detecting units
    • Requires small amount of sample for detection
  • Minimizes inspection time
    • Omits tedious and time consuming incubation periods
  • Cost effective
    • Utilizes existing, cost effective and easily available
    • DVD-ROM and Graphical User Interface


3. Market Opportunity and Potential Applications

The system of the present invention is useful in the pathology industry, more particularly in the field of virus detection. The present invention can prove to be most useful in medical diagnosis, pathology (virus and bacteria detection), biological and cellular assay, and at the same time, can be further extended to chemical and biochemical assay, and physical and biophysical assay.


4. Benefits and Impacts

This system for detection of pathogen in blood samples is highly beneficial in providing a speedy, more accurate and cost effective means for detection of dengue virus. As mortality rate of dengue fever is often related to delayed detection, this invention proves invaluablefor effective treatment of the dengue fever.


5. Development Stage

Available for Licensing