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Titanium Nitride Coated Aerospace AL7075-T6 Alloy Substrate and Methods Thereof
The present invention relates to a coated article and methods of depositing a film on a substrate to increase surface integrity for a longer... (Read More)
A System and A Method For Reducing the Effects of Tremors in Human Body
The present invention provides a system for reducing the effects of tremors in human body comprising a plurality of sensors, a microcontroller connected to the plurality of sensors, a plurality of actuators connected... (Read More)
A Bar Damper
The present invention provides a passive damping device comprising a first plate having a first bottom surface . Further, the passive damping device comprises a second plate having a second top surface and a plurality... (Read More)
Precision Guided Aircraft Parking System
The present invention relates to an improved automatic aircraft parking system, using digital image processing. The system includes an aircraft recognition subsystem and an aircraft guidance subsystem. The aircraft recognition subsystem uses digital image processing to identify the aircraft model by its length, tall heights, number of wheels and number of engines, such that it... (Read More)
A Method Of Altering Metabolite Levels In Boesenbergia Rotunda By Rna Interference-Mediated Silencing Of The Cinnamate-4-Hydroxylase Gene)
An object of the present invention is to provide a method of altering metabolite levels in Boesenbergia rotunda by RNAi-mediated silencing of the cinnamate-4- hydroxylase, C4H1 gene. The method according to the present... (Read More)
An Apparatus For Determination Of Cation Plant Macronutrients
The present invention discloses an apparatus for detecting and determining cation plant macronutrients to control nutrient level of plants in real time comprising of a microcontroller a voltage readout circuit... (Read More)
A Bioinsecticide Formulation With Potent Mosquito Larvicidal Activity
The present invention discloses a bioinsecticide formulation with potent mosquitolarvicidal activity comprising: an effective amount of 14-Deoxy-xyloccensin K as indicated in Formula as an active ingredient;... (Read More)
A Natural Based Bioinsecticidey
The present invention discloses a natural based bioinsecticide compound for providing insecticidal activity against mosquito larvae characterized in that the chemical structure of the bioinsecticide compound... (Read More)
A System for Fabricating Nucleic Acid Polyominoes and A Method Thereof
A system for fabricating nucleic acid polyominoe and a method thereof are disclosed, according to some embodiments of a present invention. The system includes an input module for receiving inputs for nucleic acid... (Read More)
Nucleic Acid Polyominoes
A present invention discloses a nucleic acid polyominoes according to an embodiment. The polyominoe includes a number of elementary blocks. 5 Each of the blocks has at least two single-stranded DNA... (Read More)
An Organic-Based Semiconductor Device for Detecting Alpha Particles
The present invention discloses an organic-based semiconductor device for detecting alpha particles. The device includes a metal contact including Aluminum (Al); a DNA film; and another metal contact including Silicon... (Read More)
Lantibiotic Encoding Nucleotide
The present invention relates to a lantibiotic encoding nucleotide. More particularly, the present invention relates to an isolated nucleotide sequence or complement thereof representating lanB gene for production... (Read More)
A Binding Peptide Targeting Banana Streak Virus
An isolated polypeptide for binding onto Banana Streak Virus comprising amino acid sequence SEQ No. 1.... (Read More)
A System For One Step Detection of Vibrio Species
The present invention distinguishes the strains of microorganisms, in particular, Vibrio spp., existing in foods, blood and faecal specimens. The present invention has overcome the problem in the art by developing a fast, highly specific assay for detection.... (Read More)
A Method For Preparing A Polymer Electrolyte Using Ionic Liquid And For Increasing Ionic Conductivity, And A Polymer Electrolyte Made Therefrom For Edlc Application
The present invention relates to, according to one aspect, a method for preparing a polymer electrolyte using ionic liquid, and according to another aspect, a polymer electrolyte made therefrom for electric double layer capacitor (EDLC) application. The ionic conductivity of the polymer electrolyte ranges from 8 to 11 mS cm-1 at a temperature ranging from... (Read More)
Method for Preparing Heterometallic Catalysts
A method for preparing heterometallic catalysts comprisesthe steps of providing plurality of metal salts and a ligand,synthesizing plurality of monometallicand polymetallic complexes from the plurality of metal salts and the ligand, reacting the plurality of monometallicand polymetallic... (Read More)
A Method For Functionalization Of Activated Carbon
The present invention relates to a method for functionalization of activated carbon, characterized by the step of treating the activated carbon with a deep eutectic solvent... (Read More)
A Method for the Separation of Sugars
A method for separating fructose and glucose from mixtures of fructose and glucose from a liquid phase feed solution or a solid mixture containing the fructose and glucose is disclosed. The process is implemented with deep eutectic solvents as selective... (Read More)
A Passive Cooling System For An Atrium Of A Building By Using Solar-Assisted Natural Ventilation
A passive cooling system for an atrium of a building by using solar-assisted natural ventilation comprising a double skin wall , plurality of glazed walls provided for plurality of adjacent spaces of the atrium... (Read More)
A Reinforced Concrete Pipe And Method Thereof
The present invention relates to a reinforced concrete pipe, characterised by a coating on an internal surface of the concrete pipe... (Read More)
A Wind-Driven Ventilating Structure For Inducing Wind-Driven Ventilation In Buildings
A wind-driven ventilating structure for inducing wind-driven ventilation in a building is disclosed, in accordance with an embodiment of a present invention.... (Read More)
Method and Apparatus for Detection and Characterization of Concrete Cracks
A method to detect and characterize at least one defect in a specimen using anapparatus comprises steps of: generate a plurality of wave signals on the specimen, by using an impact source for the wave signals to propagate within the specimen... (Read More)
Method of Producing Blast Resistant Reinforced Lightweight Concrete Using Oil Palm Shell as Coarse Aggregate
The present invention discloses the method of producing blast resistant reinforced lightweight concrete using oil palm shell as coarse aggregate. The method of producing blast resistant reinforced lightweight concrete... (Read More)
A Double-Sleeve Connector (Tubebolt) For Connecting Structural Members Of A Building
The present invention relates to a connector for connecting, for example a steel beam to concrete-filled hollow column, structural members of a building. The connector comprises an elongated member... (Read More)
Integrated Roof and Ventilation System
The present invention provides an integrated roof assembly using three synergistic components of the solar powered fan, thermal insulation coating and aluminium tube ventilation which forms a highly efficient ventilation cooling system for... (Read More)
An One-step Technique for Fabrication of Functionally Graded Dental Posts using Flowable Composites
The present invention relates generally to a method for fabrication of functionally graded dental posts. Accordingly, the method provides steps of; a) preparing of the matrix by mixing the unpolymerized resin and the hardener material... (Read More)
Functionally Graded Dental Post Using Bioctive Glass
The present invention disclosed a HA-Ti-BG functionally graded dental post with improved chemical, mechanical and thermal properties comprising hydroxyapatitetitanium layers incorporated with bioactive glass. Besides the present invention also ... (Read More)
A Method of Detecting Dengue Virus
The global prevalence of dengue has increased dramatically in recent decades and the disease is now endemic in more than 100 countries with ... (Read More)
Biomarker for Severe Dengue
Dengue has become increasingly prevalent in recent decades with higher number of dengue cases and dengue-related deaths reported yearly. Dengue patients are ... (Read More)
Detection, Serotyping and Quantification of Dengue Virus
The global prevalence of dengue has grown dramatically in recent decades and the disease is now endemic in more than 100 countries with 4 different types of the virus found (serotype 1-4). Unfortunately, accurate ... (Read More)
Method and Apparatus for Profiling DNA Specimen
DNA is a biological database that stores all the biological information of an individual. It is often used as an identifier as each organism has a different DNA structure. A reliable method in identifying ... (Read More)
Method of Processing Ultrasound Image for Osteoarthritis Detection and Associated System
This new technology is an improved method of processing an ultrasound image for detecting osteoarthritis. Current technologies make use of ionizing radiation coupled with magnetic resonance imaging. The ... (Read More)
A Method to Distinguish and Grade the Severity of Traumatic Brain Injury to Mild, Moderate or Severe
The current trend of using Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) as a standard component to provide a prognostic scale for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) ... (Read More)
One Step Multiplex System for the Detection of Salmonella Spp., S. Typhi and S. Paratyphi A with an Internal Control
Enteric fever, more commonly known as typhoid fever, caused by S. Typhi, S. Paratyphi A, B and C, is on the rise especially in countries like Pakistan, India, Vietnam, Nepal and China. The clinical diagnosis of ... (Read More)
Method of Diagnosis and/or Discrimination of Prostate Cancer
Major public health concerns associated with the diagnosis of prostate cancer are overdiagnosis and overtreatment. The current diagnosis of prostate cancer involves a transrectal ultrasound (TRUS) guided biopsy ... (Read More)
Quantitative, Single-Step Dual-Measurement Of Hemoglobin A1c And Total Hemoglobin In Human Whole Blood Using A Gold Sandwich Immunochromatographic Assay On The Same Biosensor Platform
TThe present invention disclosed a single-step dual-measurement lateral flow immunosensorwhich is able to detect the hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) and the total hemoglobin in whole blood samples simultaneously in a single lateral flow immunosensor. The single-step... (Read More)
Double Gene Targetet Multiplex PCR Kit For The Detection And Differentiation Of Beef, Buffalo And Pig Derived Materials In Food Chain 
The present invention discloses a double genes targeted multiplex polymerase chain reaction (multiplex PCR) kit for multiple target detection in a single assay platform. The multiplex PCR kit disclosed according to the present invention comprises of six sets of forward and reverse specifically designed primers represented by sequences... (Read More)
Method and Kit For Simultaneous and Rapid Detection of Prawn Viruses 
A method for simultaneous detection of prawn viruses using the Loop-mediated-isothermal-amplification (LAMP) method... (Read More)
A Method of Detecting Dengue Virus
The present invention relates to method of detecting dengue virus in a biological sample, comprising the steps of: isolating ribonucleic acid from the biological sample; subjecting the ribonucleic acid to a reverse transcription loop-mediated isothermal amplification in a single-tube reaction using sets of primers;... (Read More)
A Rapid Detection of Prawn Viruses, Method and Kit Thereof
The invention relates to a method and kit for detection of prawn viruses. In particular the invention relates to a method and... (Read More)
PlasmoNex - A Diagnostic System For Malaria
This invention discloses obtaining of a multiplex pcr-based detection system targeting 5 types of plasmodium sepsis (p. Falciparum, p. Vivax, p. Knowlesi, p. Malariae, p. ovale). Generally, all novels primers used in the present invention were... (Read More)
Self-Assemblies Of Amphiphilic Copolymers With Pendant Dendrons As A Drug Delivery System For Cancer
Technology Overview The present invention disclosed an amphiphilic diblock copolymer represented by Formula (1) that is able to be self-aggregated to form the spherical shape polymeric micelles. These spherical shape polymeric micelles are used as drug delivery system to encapsulate anti-cancer drug doxorubicin for treating.... (Read More)
Monoclonal Antibodies From Hybridoma Cell Lines For Detecting 17Alpha-Hydroxyprogesterone In Cogenital Adrenal Hyperplasia
Technology Overview Congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH) is an inherited disorder frequently found in paediatrics caused by the deficiency of enzyme 21-hydroxylase where the level of the steroid 17æ hydroxyprogesterone (17OHP) in the body is increased. The.... (Read More)
A Osteoprotegerin-Chitosan Gel For Bone Tissue Regeneration
Technology Overview The present invention provides a composition for bone tissue regeneration comprising Osteoprotegerin homogeneously dispersed in a matrix of chitosan gel, wherein the gel is formed by crosslinking.... (Read More)
A Quorum Sensing Inhibitor Biosensor, Method And Use Thereof
Technology Overview The present invention relates to at least one serine protease, lectin and/or immunomodulatory protein from Lignosus rhinocerotis for use as anti-inflammatory agent..... (Read More)
Anti-Inflammatory Agent
Technology Overview The present invention relates to a quorum biosensor. More particularly, 5 the present invention relates to a biosensor for use in detecting short chain N-acyl homoserine lactone synthase inhibitor, characterized.... (Read More)
Synthetic Biology Biosensor (CYCsensor) for the Discovery of Quorum Sensing Inhibitors
Technology Overview The present invention generally relates to a synthetic biology biosensor (Cycsensor) for discovery of quorum sensing inhibitors. Accordingly, the synthetic biology biosensor (Cycsensor) for discovery of quorum sensing inhibitors, the Cycsensor includes.... (Read More)
A Method of Isolation of Acylphenol, Malabaricone E From Myristica cinnamomea King
Technology Overview The present invention relates generally to a method for the isolation of malabaricones A-C and giganteone A from the bark of Myristica cinnamomea King. Accordingly, the method includes: a) extracting the dried powdered bark of Myristica cinnamomea with hexane followed by acetone at room temperature, with affording extracts,.... (Read More)
Pleurotus Giganteus Containing Uridine As A Neurotrophic Agent 
Technology Overview The present invention discloses a method to produce a medicament which comprises uridine content extracted from the Pleurotus giganteus (P. giganteus) mushroom for enhancing the neurite outgrowth. The method manages to produce uridine content that is able to increase the percentage of neurite-bearing cells of differentiating neuroblastoma (N2a).... (Read More)
An Antigenic Recombinant Hypothetical Lipoprotein from Burkholderia Pseudomallei and a Novel Method Thereof 
Technology Overview The present invention discloses a design and production of a recombinant antigen based on a hypothetical lipoprotein (rHLP) (rBurP16-532) from Burkhoderia pseudomallei and a novel method for synthesizing an antigenic recombinant hypothetical lipoprotein (rHLP) from Burkholderia pseudomallei... (Read More)
Human Blood-derived Mesenchymal Stem Cell to Repair Cartilage Defect 
Technology Overview The present invention provides a method of isolating, culturing, proliferating and maintenance of the mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) derived from human peripheral blood. The peripheral blood is a (clinically accessible) potential sources of MSCs. The... (Read More)
Novel Polymeric Gemcitabine Derivative Derivatie For Cancer Treatment: Poly-L-Glutamic Acid-Gemcitabine 
Technology Overview The present invention relates to a novel polymeric gemcitabine derivative for cancer treatment wheein the conjugation of gemcitabine (G) to a water-soluble polymer, poly-L-glutamic acid (PG) to yield a novel gemcitabine derivative i.e. poly-L-g;utamic acid-gemcitabine (PG-G)... (Read More)
Artificial Saliva Liquid 
Technology Overview A gargle composition for alleveating xerostomia condition, which comprises; (a) water retention-humidifiers selected from anyone or combination of carboxymethycellulose sodium (NaCMC0, carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) of ... (Read More)
A Composition for Promoting Health of Cardiovascular System 
Technology Overview A composition for lowering plasma triglycerides level and/or increasing plasma high-density lipoprotein level upon administration towards a subject comprises a polar extract of plant parts of Alternanthera sessilis.... (Read More)
Antiseptic Ointment 
Technology Overview An antiseptic composition comprising seed extract of Scorodocarpus borneensis and a lipophilic excipient..... (Read More)
Tamarindus Indica:Therapeutic Properties Of Crude Extract Of The Fruits 
Technology Overview Results obtained from microarray analysis and validated by semi-quantitative RT-PCR and real-time RT-PCR in human hepatoma cells line, HepG2, revealed that the crude extract from Tamarindus indica (T. indica) fruit pulp up-regulated genes ..... (Read More)
A Mixture Concoction From Plants Stachytarpheta Jamaicensis and Polygonum Runcinatum For Anti-Ulcer And Treatment Of Stomach Ulcer 
Technology Overview The present invention provides a medicament and a method for the manufacture of a medicament for use in the treatment of stomach ulcer, healing of stomach ulcer, prevention of stomach ulcer and symptoms associated with the stomach ulcer. The.... (Read More)
An Electrode Wire For Use In Wire Electrical Discharge Machining
An electrode wire for use in wire electrical discharge machining comprising a core having a first metal, a first layer having a second metal and a second layer having a Zn-Al alloy. Further, the first layer... (Read More)
Method And System For Discriminating Electrical Signal
Technology Overview The present invention relates to a method for discriminating electrical signals corresponding to either gamma radiation or neutron radiation of a radiation event, comprising a step of receiving plurality of electrical signals corresponding to a radiation event; a step of digitizing said plurality of received electrical signals to provide a plurality of series of 10 discrete digital signals;...(Read More)
A Method For Monitoring Wood Pulp Quality
Technology Overview The invention relates to a method for controlling wood pulp quality in a pulp refinercomprising the steps of: transporting the pulp fibre suspension from the refiner through a conduit by the flowing suspension introduced to a paper manufacturing unit; measuring at least one parameter of the transported fibre suspension; generating data dependent on the measured parameter,... (Read More)
Hybrid three-level DC-DC Converter
Technology Overview The given invention provides hybrid three-level dc-dc converter 5 comprising a first switching arm, a second switching arm, four discrete diodes, two capacitors, an inductor having one point of said inductor connected to a common centerpoint of said... (Read More)
Method For Dynamic Structural Analysis
Technology Overview A method for analyzing dynamic response on a non-linear structure, comprising: deriving a differential equation from a set of forces acting on the structure in dynamic equilibrium; determining a set of displacements on the structure with minimum... (Read More)
Low Voltage 0.18 um CMOS Surface Acoustic Wave Gas Sensor
Technology Overview A Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) gas sensor is disclosed in the present invention. The objective of the designed SAW Gas sensor is to detect Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) and Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) gases. The inter-digital transducers (IDT) antennas in the... (Read More)
An Electric Discharge Machining Dielectric Fluid And An Electric Discharge Machining Apparatus
An electric discharge machining dielectric fluid comprising a fluid medium containing kerosene and a nano-sized metal powder. Further, 2 g/l of the nanosized metal powder is blended... (Read More)
Method And Apparatus For Fabricating High Aspect Ratio Micro-Electrode
A method for on-machine fabrication of a high aspect ratio micro-electrode utilizing an EDM apparatus including processing device capable of processing... (Read More)
Apparatus For Performing Modal Analysis
An apparatus for performing non-synchronous impact on structure under operation is disclosed. The apparatus comprises an accelerometer on the structure to capture cyclic load of structure and a tachometer on the structure to capture revolution pulse of the structure. An impact controller determines time interval of phase difference between revolution pulse and first cyclic ... (Read More)
Three Phase T-Type Inverter
An inverter comprises: a voltage source converter, composed of a plurality of bidirectional switches arranged in T-type topology, for switching voltages; and, a variable dc link, composed of at least two dc voltage sources arranged in series... (Read More)
Probe System For Bubble Dynamics In Mixing Vessel
The present invention relates to an improved system for probing bubble dynamics in mixing vessel made of transparent material. the system preferably comprises an optical recording means fixed by a bracket in the mixing vessel at a region at a... (Read More)
An Improved Solar Water Heater
The present invention relates to an improved solar water heater that prevents overheating and extends operating time of water heating... (Read More)
Gel Polymer Electrolyte Based Dye Sensitized Solar Cell For Solar Panel
The present invention proposes a gel electrolyte based on polyacrylonitrile (PAN) for DSSC. The electrolyte comprises of PAN, ethylene carbonate (EC) and propylene carbonate (PC) as plasticizer; characterised in that, the electrolyte further comprises 4- tert-Butylpyridine (TBP), tetrapropylammonium iodide salt (Pr4NI), lithium iodide salt (LiI), 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium iodide (BMII) and iodine. It was found that the DSSC can achieve efficiency of 9 % with N3 ruthenium based dye.... (Read More)
Solar Water Heat Regulator
The present invention relates to a solar water heat regulator that improves 5 heat transfer rate and reduces overheating of water. The... (Read More)
A Method for Treatment of Wastewater Using Heterogeneous Iron Oxide Catalysts
The present invention provides a method for treatment of wastewater. The method comprising the steps of impregnating an oxide of iron with at least two transition metals to obtain an impregnated oxide of iron, introducing the impregnated oxide of ... (Read More)
Environmental Parameters Monitoring In An Analyte
The present invention provides a method for treatment of wastewater. The method comprising the steps of impregnating an oxide of iron with at least two transition metals to obtain an impregnated oxide of iron, introducing the impregnated oxide of... (Read More)
An Efficient and Economical Sequential Treatment Method to Treat Batik Textile Wastewater Containing High Levels of Silicate and Organic Pollutants
The present invention disclosed a method for treating batik textile wastewater. The method consists of three important sequential steps which manage to produce treated batik textile wastewater with final remaining of the chemical oxygen demand (COD), silicate, dye molecules and other organic fraction of batik textile wastewater at a safe and permitted level according to... (Read More)
Method Of Producing Hydroxyapatite From Waste Material
The present invention provides a method of synthesizing hydroxyapatite (HA) using unwanted shell waste material such as corals, egg shells, clam shells, cockle shells, mussel shells, oyster shells, and other types of mollusc shells. In this method... (Read More)
Alkyds Made From-Completely Natural Materials
A method of synthesizing alkyds comprising the steps of reacting vegetable oils or animal fats or the derived free fatty acids with non-petroleum based polyacids and non-petroleum based polyols to a temperature in the range of 180 to 260C until the desired degree of polymerization is achieved... (Read More)
Method Of Communicating Among Wireless Sensor And Mobile Nodes
The invention disclosed a routing and communication framework for a target mobile node in mobile layer network to communicate with a target node of wireless sensor network. The wireless sensor nodes in the network are divided into clusters and a sensor node... (Read More)
A Framework And Related Methods For Health Information Exchange Using Mobile Personal Health Records
A framework and its related methods to exchange medical data among the patients and an arbitrary number of healthcare providers comprising: a user device with an encrypted medical data, to transfer the medical data to a terminal device and to receive updated medical data provided by the healthcare centre from the terminal device upon request from the user device... (Read More)
System and Method for Representing an Object in a Real Environment
The present invention relates to, according to one aspect, a method for representing a virtual object in a real environment carried out by an object representing system; the method comprises the steps of locating an identifiable mark in the real environment by means of a recording device; determining the position and orientation of the identifiable mark relative to the... (Read More)
System For Providing Adaptive Guidance Using A Bayesian Network
The present invention relates to, according to one aspect, a system for providing adaptive guidance. More particularly, the present invention is for providing adaptive guidance using a Bayesian network for teaching computer programming... (Read More)
System and Method for Authenticating Religious Content Using a Removable Data Transfer Device
The present invention relates to, according to one aspect, a method for authenticating religious content using an authentication system residing in a removable data transfer device , the method comprises the steps of inputting religious content into the system using an input component; portioning the inputted religious content into separate characters using a... (Read More)
System and Method for Authenticating Religious Content Using a Removable Data Transfer Device
The present invention relates to, according to one aspect, a method for authenticating religious content using an authentication system residing in a removable data transfer device , the method comprises the steps of inputting religious content into the system using an input component; portioning the inputted religious content into separate characters using a... (Read More)
A Method of Image Based Password Authentication
The present invention relates to a computer security tool that uses image-based password authentication, and more particularly to a method of image-based password authentication to prevent shoulder surfing and frequency of analysis security... (Read More)
An Optical Disc-Based System for Detecting Pathogen in a Blood Sample via Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR)
The rampant spread of dengue fever in tropical regions calls for a fast and accurate dengue virus detection system. Conventional detection methods are rendered inefficient either because it lacks specificity ... (Read More)
Teleophthalmoscope For Point-Of-Care
An object of the present invention is to provide a teleophthalmoscope system for a smartphone to point-of-care assess and monitor retinal fundus in clinical practice comprising a casing; a smartphone holder; a condensing lens holder; and a condensing lens. In the present invention, the teleophthalmoscope system serves as a portable, inexpensive and enables quick... (Read More)
Bio-Model and Support Cradle for Synthetic Anatomical Structure
A bio-model for simulating a surgical is described. the bio-model comprises a cover portion; a synthetic anatomical structure and a tray portion configured to support the synthetic anatomical structure. the cover portions disposed beneath the snythetic skin layer. during a simulated surgical procedure, the first and secong synthetic soft tissue portions provide a resistive force to a surgical implement such as a retractor... (Read More)
Cranial Bio-Model Comprising A Skull Layer And A Dura Layer And Method Of Manufacturing A Cranial Bio-Model
A three-dimensional bio-model for simulating a simulated cranial surgical procedure, the bio-model comprises a synthetic skull layer; a synthetic dura layer under the synthetic skin layer, and a spacer layer between the synthetic skull layer and the ... (Read More)
Method Of Manufacturing A Bio-Model Comprising A Synthetic Skin Layer And Bio-Model Comprising A Synthetic Skin Layer
A method of manufacturing a three-dimensional bio-model from medical image data is described. The method comprises: identifying a skin layer in the medical image data; determining a thickness of the skin layer; generating three-dimensional... (Read More)
Dynamic Postural Garment Orthosis
The present invention relates to a dynamic postural garment orthosis suit for use by a subject afflicted with cerebral palsy or other neuro-motor disorders that is directed to adjustably and selectively providing isolation and compression of a trunk and pelvic-hip region of said subject comprising an upper garment to be worn substantially over a trunk region of said subject for... (Read More)
A Medication System For Facilitating The Management Of Medication Consumption And Adherence Of A Medication User
The present invention relates to a medication system. More particularly, the medication system is for facilitating the management of medication consumption and adherence of a medication user. The medication system is operable on a processing device. The medication system comprises a medication inventory component, a medication tracking component,... (Read More)
A Radiation Dose Monitoring System
A radiation dose monitoring system for monitoring radiation dose accumulated in an anatomical area subjected to radiography procedure comprises: at least one radiation detector , attached on a flexible sheet that can be applied to an the anatomical area of a subject, to detect the amount of radiation to which the anatomical area has been exposed and transmits the information on the detected radiation to a read-out module using by a communication means ; the read-out module reads the transmitted ... (Read More)
Global Wearable Heart Monitoring System
The present invention relates to a system for heart monitoring comprising: a portable base unit comprises wireless transceiver for transmitting and receiving of digital data; a plurality of sensors coupled to the portable base unit for sensing the heart signal of a patient in electrocardiogram (EGC) form; a preprocessing and signal conditioning means and converting the conditioned... (Read More)
Maximising Output For Pulsed-Field Gel Electrophoresis By Stacking Gels
Pulsed-field gel electrophoresis, the gold standard of molecular typing methods, has major disadvantages of an unusually long electrophoretic time. In the present invention, a method of stacking many layers of gels up to six gels one on top of each other... (Read More)
Wireless Monitoring Of Vital Signs For Multiple Patients Using Wireless Sensor Networks
Design and architecture of a multiple patients wireless ECG monitoring system are proposed, which is based on the wireless link through the network (140) and emerging standards for low rate personal area networks (LR-WPANs) such as IEEE 802.15.4 and ZigBee... (Read More)
Device For Measuring Head Forward
The present invention provides a head forward measurement device using two parts, namely a horizontal guide, and a base with protractor scale and pivoted arm. To set up the measurement device, the horizontal guide is inserted perpendicularly into... (Read More)
Cardiac Phantom for Multimodality Imaging
The present invention disclosed a cardiac phantom for multimodality imaging comprising an atrial reservoir mimicking box , a bileaflet mechanical mitral valve , a bileaflet mechanical aortic valve , an aortic root , a left ventricle phantom , a phantom... (Read More)
A Method to Diagnose Cardiac Wall Motion Abnormality Due To Myocardial Disease
TThe present invention disclosed a method to directly quantify cardiac wall motion abnormality due to focal myocardial disease using deformable motion model registration. The present invention merges tagged, cine and late-gadolinium enhanced magnetic resonance sequence to allow injury-specific division of left ventricular myocardium into several sectors for accurate motion tracking throughout the entire cycle. Using frame-to-frame non-rigid registration scheme, the simplified motion model... (Read More)
A Process for Producing Nanotube Coating on Titanium Alloy
The present invention relates to alumina nanotubes coated on a titanium alloy and a process for producing the alumina nanotubes coated on titanium alloy. The said alumina nanotubes coated on a titanium alloy can be used for production of a... (Read More)
Method For Preparing Graphene Quantum Dots For Use As A Lubricant Modifier
TIn one aspect, the present invention provides a method for preparing graphene quantum dots, GQDs, comprising of a first step of reacting graphene oxide in solution of diluted Nitric acid under reflux at a temperature of less than 100°C; a second step of cooling the solution of the preceding step to room temperature; a third step of neutralizing the pH of the cooled solution in the... (Read More)
Method For Preparing Graphene Quantum Dots For Use As A Lubricant Modifier
Method for preparing a nanocomposite photocatalyst is disclosed in accordance with some embodiments of a present invention. The method includes preparing nanoflakes of a semiconductor which produces a matrix for deposition of...(Read More)
A Method for Preparing Semicarbazones
A method for preparing semicarbazones is disclosed, according to an embodiment of a present invention. The method includes preparing2-(2-(3,5-di-tertbutyl- 4-hydroxybenzylthio)acetyl)-N-(3-fluorophenyl) hydrazinecarboxamide product, followed by ...(Read More)
Coated Plastic Optical Fiber
The present invention provides a coated plastic optical fibre for improving side coupling of extended light. The proposed fibre has a core and a coat of ZnO nanorods to form a spiral line along and around the elongated surface of the core. The gap between each adjacent ZnO nanorods spiral line (x) is twice the width of the ZnO nanorods spiral line (y)... (Read More)
A Method for Producing an Epitaxial Layer Of Semi-Polar Gallium Nitride (Gan) On M-Plane Sapphire Substrate
The invention discloses a method to achieve a single-crystalline with high-quality semi-polar gallium nitride (GaN) hetro-epitaxial layers grown on m-plane sapphire by metalorganic chemical vapour deposition (MOCVD). The method comprises the steps of treating the m-plane sapphire substrate layer by a hydrogen 10 cleaning process to remove contamination ; performing ... (Read More)
Thermo Activated Photon Wavelength Spectrometer
The present invention provides a design of a thermoluminescence spectrometer capable of measuring luminescence via its photon wavelength or energy emitted from a test object when heated at pre-determined interval using ceramic heat heater to provide heat and adjust the temperature with precision. The luminescence spectra is later dispersed using spectrograph and... (Read More)
Method for Producing A Non-Polar A-Plane Galllium Nitride (Gan) Thin Film on an R-Plane Sapphire Substrate
The present invention is a method for producing a non-polar a-plane GaN thin film on an r-plane sapphire substrate using metal organic chemical vapour deposition (MOCVD) technique. Particularly, the method provides suitable growth conditions for GaN layer during MOCVD by controlling V/III ratio... (Read More)
Optical Integrated Microfibre Device for Refractive Index and Temperature Sensing
The present invention discloses an optical integrated microfibre device for refractive index and temperature sensing consists of a 3-port circular; an optical microfibre having a microfibre knot resonator, MKR, a Sagnac loop reflector, a microfibre coupler; two untampered fibre end and; and a thin layer of low-refractive –index resin coated on the 3-port circulator and the optical... (Read More)
A Framework And Related Methods For Health Information Exchange Using Mobile Personal Health Records
A portable power generator comprising a proton exchange membrane fuel cell for converting hydrogen and generating a direct current; a battery in connection with the fuel cell for providing power at least for starting up the fuel cell; and an inverter for... (Read More)
Nanofluid Based Solar Energy Harvester
The present invention introduces a solar energy harvester for utilizing incident sunlight. A thermal nanofluid is adapted to flow in a coolant channel that cools a metal plate adjacent to a photovoltaic cell. The thermal nanofluid [44] is made of nanomaterial... (Read More)
Method Of Detecting Chroma Key Background In Video Composition
A method of detecting forged video, using Chroma key background, in particular, is described. The method includes dividing the sequence of image frames into image blocks and extracting blurring artefact from each image block using wiener deconvolution of low pass filter... (Read More)
System And Method For Authenticating Quranic Content And Hadith
The present invention relates to, according to one aspect, an authentication system which comprises an input component, a content processing component and a content authenticating component. 'J-he content processing component further comprises a content analysing element and a first storage unit: and the content authenticating component comprises a content authenticator element, a distinguisher element, a retriever element and a second storage unit. The input component further comprises a portioning element and a content processing element... (Read More)
Smart Grid Demand Side Management Algorithm Using Internet of Things
A system is provided to manage utility load to prevent 5 power outage while maintaining use of electrical appliance according to ranked user, user demand and user set comfort priority. Electrical appliances are divided into groups of dimmable appliances, programmable appliances and static appliances. Dimmable appliances [30] refer to appliances that allow control of power use and power use is allowed to be adjusted until minimum power... (Read More)
System and Method for Generating a Classifier for Determining Sentiment, Emotion and Purpose Towards a Subject Matter
The present invention relates to, according to one aspect, a method for generating a classifying system for determining sentiment, emotion and purpose towards a subject matter, the method comprises the steps of identifying and extracting information relating to a subject matter; refining and filtering the extracted information based on a plurality of classifying... (Read More)
Interactive Mobile Messaging Application
An interactive mobile messaging application for mobile devices, using wireless connections to the internet and cellular provider data network, the interactive mobile messaging application comprising: A. Means to allow end users to register and create accounts in said applications for said mobile devices for messaging services; B. Means to allow end users to log in to said application into the said account by entering an email id and password; C. Means to allow end users to create subjects and chapters in said application... (Read More)
Method of Image Authentication for Detection and Localization of Image Forgery
The various embodiments of the present invention disclose a method for an image processing and forgery 5 detections. The method is initiated with detection of an object based on a normalised cut (Ncut) segmentation. A plurality of local interest points of the detected object is then localised based on a Hessian method and a feature of the object is extracted based on a... (Read More)
System for Malware Detection In Android Based Communication Devices
TA method for malware detection in android based communication device comprising the steps of installing the malware detection application on android based communication device; identifying the set of all the Android application installed on the communication device; examining internet connection... (Read More)

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