Method of Processing Ultrasound Image for Osteoarthritis Detection and Associated System

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1. Technology Overview

This new technology is an improved method of processing an ultrasound image for detecting osteoarthritis. Current technologies make use of ionizing radiation coupled with magnetic resonance imaging. The problem with this method is that it is unsuitable for those with claustrophobia or those with pacemakers installed as it is a painful and unsettling experience for them. Furthermore, ultrasound imaging is capable of detecting synovial cysts and displaying femoral cartilage thickness. Despite these positives, limitations on visualization’s quality which is mainly contributed by speckle noises and low contrast ratio impedes participation of the ultrasound imaging technology in the mainstream markets. This invention involves separating the ultrasound image into different sub-images and then evaluating each sub-image individually. By using a scoring system coupled with statistical and mathematical functions, the sub-images are processed and the resulting image is established.


2. Technology Features and Specifications
  • Flexible system
    • Comprises of mathematical functions that take into account different parameters.
    • Parameters are easily adjusted by the user to generate the best possible outcome.
  • Non-invasive
  • Portable


3. Market Opportunity and Potential Applications

Some limitations of ultrasound imaging are speckle noises and low contrast ratios that hamper the participation of the ultrasound imaging technology in mainstream markets. This technology allows for cost-effective improvements on the enhancement process of ultrasound imaging that overcomes the current problems.


4. Benefits and Impacts

The invention is relatively inexpensive, portable, real-time in nature, safe and does not involve ionizing radiation which might be harmful to some patients, for example, those with claustrophobia or pacemakers.


5. Development Stage

Available for Licensing


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