A Method For Monitoring Wood Pulp Quality

1. Technology Overview

The invention relates to a method for controlling wood pulp quality in a pulp refinercomprising the steps of: transporting the pulp fibre suspension from the refiner through a conduit by the flowing suspension introduced to a paper manufacturing unit; measuring at least one parameter of the transported fibre suspension; generating data dependent on the measured parameter, the data being indicative of the heat transfer coefficient or the frictional pressure loss of the flowing fibre suspensions; generating a signal based on an output obtained  by matching the generated data to values corresponding to the desired heat transfer coefficient or frictional pressure loss; and transmitting the signal to a controlling unit operating a processor or a refiner where any necessary modification is performed in the refiner to adjust the dimensional parameters of the wood pulp to fibres to the desired values.

UMCIC File Number: 603/831
Patent: PI 2016 700211
Patent status: Pending
Malaysia patent: A Method For Monitoring Wood Pulp Quality
This technology is currently available for licensing and commercialisation.

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