Environmental Parameters Monitoring In An Analyte

1. Technology Overview

The present invention provides a method for treatment of wastewater.  The method comprising the steps of impregnating an oxide of iron with at least two transition metals to obtain an impregnated oxide of iron, introducing the impregnated oxide of iron in the wastewater containing at least one pollutant to form a mixture, stirring the mixture to obtain a heterogeneous impregnated oxide of iron adsorbing the at least one pollutant of the wastewater. The method also comprises adding an oxidising agent to the mixture to degrade the at least one adsorbed pollutant of the wastewater.

UMCIC File Number: 603/1116
Patent: UI 2016 702744
Patent status: Pending
Malaysia patent:  Environmental Parameters Monitoring In An Analyte
This technology is currently available for licensing and commercialisation.


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