Device For Measuring Head Forward

1. Technology Overview

The present invention provides a head forward measurement device using two parts, namely a horizontal guide, and a base with protractor scale and pivoted arm. To set up the measurement device, the horizontal guide is inserted perpendicularly into a lug of the base structure. Measurement is conducted by placing the bottom of the horizontal guide at the C7 vertebral level of the subject and the pivoted arm is the lined until its highlighted line is in tangent with the subject's auricle. Displacement of the arm will then show the angle of the head forward which can be read from the scale. The measurement device can be used for easy and accurate measurement of head forward of any men or women from all ages. The measurement can be easily compared with standard norms to assess the level or degree of severity and the evaluation will provide useful information to medical practitioners, physical educators and fitness instructors in reducing or controlling postural abnormalities.

  • UMCIC File Number: 603/468(A)(BIP)
  • Patent: MY-159102-A
  • Patent status: Granted
  • Malaysia patent: Device For Measuring Head Forward
  • This technology is currently available for licensing and commercialisation.

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