University Malaya Centre of Innovation and Commercialisation (UMCIC) has organized a workshop entitled IP & Commercialization Roadshowat Faculty of Science. The invited speaker was Mdm. Lim Keng Mui, Advocate, Solicitor, & Patent Agent of Pharmacos IP Consultancy,

This roadshow was carried out to share knowledge on Intellectual Property Right (IPR) & Commercialization. Generally, the content of this roadshow is to discuss on ‘Overview of Intellectual Property & Copyright’; ‘Types of Intellectual Property & Copyright’; and ‘How to commercialize your IP/Invention’. At the same time, the participants have been given exposure to improve marketing strategies and promotional of Intellectual Property (IP).

The number of participants joined this roadshow was 46 people including the Dean of Faculty, Deputy Dean (Research) of Faculty, Head of Departments, Academic & Non-Academic Staffs, and Postgraduate Students. Based on Evaluation Form, 100% of the participants agreed with the contents of the workshop and satisfied with the facilities provided. In addition, 100% of the participants were agreed with the structure of talk; the interaction between presenter with audience; and the contents of information for this program. Besides that, 100% of the participants agreed to have and interested with the knowledgeable speaker and informative program like this Intellectual Property & Commercialization Roadshow in the future.

Figure 2:
A Short speech by by Dr. Yusrizam Sharifuddin, Deputy Director of UMCIC (Business Development & Entrepreneurship Unit)

Figure 4:
Participants from Faculty of Science involving the Deputy of Dean (Research), Head of Departments, Academic & Non-Academic Staffs, and Postgraduate Students

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