UMCIC Technopreneur Programme

Technopreneur UMCIC

Technopreneur is come from 2 words Technology and Entrepreneur. Do you have what it takes to make use of technology to come out with new or innovative products through a process of commercialization? UMCIC can assist in creating the platform where people from different walks of life come together to share ideas with huge potential.


The Technopreneur Programme involves providing funding for interested researchers/inventors to establish their university start-up companies. Each company is entitled to seed funding of a total of RM 50,000 for operations usage. The company can be formed with or without a working patent. University of Malaya Consultancy Board (UMCB) is considered as a stakeholder of a budding university start-up. In the patenting process, the researchers or inventors play the role of a licensor, thereby complying with the Intellectual Property (IP) and Commercialization Policy.


  • Technopreneur Programme: Guideline for Spin-Off Company (.pdf)

    This guideline contains the essential information in preparing candidates to apply for Technopreneur Programme in order to become a legitimate university start-up/spin-off company.

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  • Technopreneur Programme: Application Form (.docx)

    Download this application form so that you are one step closer to becoming a legitimate university start-up/spin-off company.

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