How to Create a University Startup?

University start-ups are established to support students and researchers in developing entrepreneurial skills and provide support in nurturing businesses and ideas. Other than that, the start ups by generating job opportunities, promote collaborations between university and industry and create revenues for university owned businesses. Moreover, start-up operations that involve commercialization of research outcomes will convey the message of academic impact that will improve the public’s daily life and promote economical progress.

Establish Your Objectives

The structure of the incubator in terms of organizational and operations wise should reflect the needs of the university, the target group which acts as clients, the type of research findings/technologies and the target market. The key questions that need to be addressed are:
  • is it whether to provide researchers with resources to improve research findings/new technologies or to generate licensing revenues from industry partners?
  • is incubator designed for commercialization of academic IP that is non patentable or too early for the market?
  • is it designed to develop student entrepreneurial skills or to bolster university’s standing in the industrial world
Understand Clients
Review Established Incubators
Financial Management
Business Strategy