Industrial Prototype Grant

Industrial Prototype Grant (RM50,000 – RM300,000):

  • To assist UM’s academic researchers or startup companies in commercializing their products or processes and move towards becoming a fast growing, scalable venture.
  • Applicants demonstrate marketability of product by conducting:
    • market validation study and
    • propose a solid business plan
    • established a partnership with industrial entity
    • Projection figure on Return on Investment (ROI) for the University
  • Sample deliverables for this stage include: finished goods and delivery of a market validated study that includes third party verification of the core results, completion of a finished good, and a marketing and sales plans for a product launch, or activities as recommended by the technical panel and University of Malaya Centre of Innovation and Commercialization (UMCIC) Council. Applicants under Stream 2 must be working full time on their ventures or must have a fully committed industry partner through a legal arrangement.