Technology Transfer

As one of the oldest university in Malaysia and with a solid global ranking, University Malaya has been at the forefront in generating innovation and new technology. The university has consistently promoted collaboration with the industries in bringing university’s research output to the market through commercialization in the form of products and services for the benefit of the public.

In 2014, University of Malaya had generated more than 160 new inventions through its intensive research and development activities to meet industrial needs and create a viable ecosystem for investment opportunities.

We are establishing partnership with Small Medium Enterprises, Entrepreneurs, Technopreneurs, Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists and any interested parties to commercialize our technologies. UMCIC would be more than willing to identify the right research partner in University and facilitate the research collaboration.


Licensing is the process of leasing a legally protected intellectual property (IP) that is patented, copyrighted or/and trademarked such as:

  • invention;
  • name;
  • method or system;
  • software;
  • industrial design;
  • logo, graphic, slogan; or
  • a combination of several of these elements

Licensing lets you instantly tap existing University of Malaya's R & D outputs, distribution and marketing systems that other companies may have spent decades building. On top of that, your company can add more credibility into your products for exploiting University of Malaya's (QR Rank, 2015: 146th) R & D outputs.


Option Licence

Options are typically used in instances where the company would like to do further research and development to evaluate the technology prior to entering into a full license agreement. One of the key differences between an option and license agreement is that the former does not allow the company to commercially market and sell the technology.

An option is fast and less expensive and, further, it gives the entrepreneur more time to raise funds. If the entrepreneur is not successful, the technology has been tied up only for the duration of the option.

Typically, an option fee varies depending on the number of inventions, demand for the inventions, etc. The option period is normally 6-12 months, but extensions are usually possible. The optionee has the right to exercise the option upon raising funds. Conversion to a license must be done within the period set forth in the option.