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CEO Tech Talk UM-Endeavour is one of the programme under collaborated between UMCIC with Endeavour Malaysia. The talk session is focusing on the topic, Building a Business: From Product to Commercialisation. It is an important programmes especially for the newcomers of entrepreneurs as to improve their knowledge, skills and expertise as to boost up their performance yet to create the networking session with the potential partners that comes by to the talk session. Other than that, the participants also have a chance to ask any question in regards of industrial relationships, IP Protection, funding matters and others to the speakers which could inspire them to be the successful entrepreneurs in future.


The CEO Tech Talk UM-Endeavour has invited two of the successful entrepreneurs in Malaysia as the special appearance of the programme as to share their knowledge and experiences with the participants and turning the event into a really beneficial talk as a whole. They are Mr. Aaron Patel, the Founder and CEO of iHandal, and also Mr. Kian Hoe Seah, the Founder and Managing Director of Heng Hiap Industries.


This programme has executed as smoothly and successfully on 22nd March 2018 from 9.30AM until 12.00PM at Makerspace, Level 3, UM Xccelerate Complex, University of Malaya. Since the talk was focusing on the topic, Building a Business: From Product to Commercialisation, therefore, all the input has been shared during the programme regarding the business strategy from creating a product until the product itself can be commercialize to the potential market out there.


To date, the programme was attended by 26 participants. Most of them are from UM students, lecturers and the representatives from each Business Pods under UMCIC as well. This programmes helping them in enhancing a deeper knowledge on running a business with effective strategy, appropriate protection (IP), creating a valuable R&D relationship, targeting the right goal of businesses and creating a wealth creation as a whole. In total, there are about 10 students that participated the event, while the rest are representatives from GranaTech Sdn Bhd, CEBAR, Rapid Genesis S.B, Center for Product Design & Manufacturing, NANOCAT, Wariscan, Algae Technologies, Institute of Ocean & Earth Sciences, ZASVE, Cytus, Sunway iLabs and Endeavour Malaysia.


As nowadays, most of the entrepreneurs out there tend to strive and give the best as to compete in the market by protecting their intellectual property (IP) while enhancing and improving their strategies as to lock up their position in the market. Precisely, the business strategy is needed to be improve which parallel with the current technology that would be handle, the current competition that getting aggressive for each industry, and also aligning the goal of company with the Industrial Revolution 4.0 at the moment. In addition, most of newcomers’ entrepreneurship tend to have a variety of problem as to run a business such as funding problem, technology or product that are not fully protected and others. Perhaps, it is due to the lacking of skills, expertise or knowledge since they had no enough of experience in the field of entrepreneur as to overcome that particulars of problem. Hence, this program is very compatible as to cope with all of these current issues and also is good to be done continuously.

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