Our Services

IP Management & Legal Services

  • Protects & manages university's intellectual assets
  • Conducts IP Programs such as seminars for students and academicians
  • Provides legal advice to inventors concerning contracts and IP filing

Technology Licensing Management

  • To accumulate and provide information on IP from our database
  • To source for joint-venture partners and licensing of technology
  • To conduct feasibility studies & market research on products to be commercialized
  • To promote & sell resulting intellectual products that had been identified and prepared for commercialization

Commercialization Support Services

  • To provide information on pre-commercial/innovation grant applications (e.g. Technofund), R & D and seed financing
  • To provide prototype and industrial prototype grant application
  • To manage counseling and advisory services pertaining to commercial grants
  • To provide business supports ranging from entrepreneur-in-residence (EIR) to business plan writing and market research
  • To manage commercialization projects and production of prototypes

Incubator Centre Management

  • To manage the operation, lease, maintenance of UM Innovation Incubator spaces
  • To identify, monitor and evaluate the commercial potential of an incubator’s project within three years
  • To conduct technopreneurship programmes and relevant short-term courses

Business Development (Start-up)

  • To provide an avenue for university inventors and researchers to create a university spin-off company out of their inventions/ideas through Technopreneur Programme
  • To nurture business-minded applicants and to increase the commercialization activities of IP resulting from UM's research
  • To generate more profit and improve the economy of UM
*Any new incorporation of spin-off company will become a subsidiary under UM Capital Berhad

Public-Private Partnership

  • To enable the collaboration between private industries and UM through industry sponsorship research, matching grant arrangements
  • To provide opportunities for research collaborations or even joint-ventures
  • To provide a test bed in order to move UM's novel scientific applications from lab to industry scale
  • To enhance the competitive advantage of private industries by leveraging our research expertise and shared R & D cost
  • To smoothen the commercialization process of the market-ready inventions by leveraging industry networks, wide access to markets and industrial experiences of the private sectors