UM Centre for Innovation and Commercialization (UMCIC)

University of Malaya (UM) is committed to building an entrepreneurial ecosystem that will accelerate the scaling of the outputs of its R&D through to their application to society; provide solutions to industry and open opportunities for high technology investment; facilitated and coordinated by UMCIC a dedicated one-stop centre. UMCIC proactively protects and manages UMs broad intellectual property portfolio with a renewed emphasis on rapid licensing to industry. We also create strategic opportunities for investment into the latest technological advancements through the creation of technology and intellectual capacity driven university startups.

Our Technologies
Backed by state-of-the-art R & D facilities, our researchers strive to convert scientific findings into market-driven solutions, emphasizing both high impact values and social innovation. We have produced a wide array of inventions e.g. industry-focused hardwares, sought-after formulations, effective medicines and so on.

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Need to protect your invention? Looking for prototype grants? Want to make a business out of your invention? We know your plight at heart, and work diligently to safeguard our researchers' interest. Essentially, your success is our success. So, let's take your inventions to the next step.

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Early Adopters
The world is changing at a rapid pace, the only thing that is constant is CHANGE. At UMCIC, we want you to view us as your R & D partner, in a quest of tailoring our inventions based on the latest market needs, with adherence to the golden industry standards and regulatory compliance.

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Creativity needs an outlet to flow out. Come talk to us about your early-stage, inventive ideas, inventions or requests.

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Come talk to us about your problem TODAY. You may not know that we might have already solved your problem yesterday. Surprises await!

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Our Services

IP Management & Legal Services

  • Protects & manages university's intellectual assets
  • Conducts IP Programs such as seminars for students and academicians
  • Provides legal advice to inventors concerning contracts and IP filing

Technology Licensing Management

  • To accumulate and provide information on IP from our database
  • To source for joint-venture partners and licensing of technology
  • To conduct feasibility studies & market research on products to be commercialized
  • To promote & sell resulting intellectual products that had been identified and prepared for commercialization

Commercialization Support Services

  • To provide information on pre-commercial/innovation grant applications (e.g. Technofund), R & D and seed financing
  • To provide prototype and industrial prototype grant application
  • To manage counseling and advisory services pertaining to commercial grants
  • To provide business supports ranging from entrepreneur-in-residence (EIR) to business plan writing and market research
  • To manage commercialization projects and production of prototypes

Incubator Centre Management

  • To manage the operation, lease, maintenance of UM Innovation Incubator spaces
  • To identify, monitor and evaluate the commercial potential of an incubator’s project within three years
  • To conduct technopreneurship programmes and relevant short-term courses

Business Development (Start-up)

  • To provide an avenue for university inventors and researchers to create a university spin-off company out of their inventions/ideas through Technopreneur Programme
  • To nurture business-minded applicants and to increase the commercialization activities of IP resulting from UM's research
  • To generate more profit and improve the economy of UM
*Any new incorporation of spin-off company will become a subsidiary under UM Capital Berhad

Public-Private Partnership

  • To enable the collaboration between private industries and UM through industry sponsorship research, matching grant arrangements
  • To provide opportunities for research collaborations or even joint-ventures
  • To provide a test bed in order to move UM's novel scientific applications from lab to industry scale
  • To enhance the competitive advantage of private industries by leveraging our research expertise and shared R & D cost
  • To smoothen the commercialization process of the market-ready inventions by leveraging industry networks, wide access to markets and industrial experiences of the private sectors